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The annual Images of Spirituality gathering follows a long Christian tradition of "taking time away." It is an occasion for women to come and rest for a while in a quiet place away from their daily pre-occupations. In an atmosphere of openness, freedom and love, women gather to explore facets of spirituality, theology, and worship. Each participant has the opportunity to reflect on her own spiritual journey in order to return home rejuvenated by the weekend experience.

Every year, in the spring, we spend a weekend together, listening, sharing, singing, creating, laughing, and meditating, always with great people and good food in a wonderful, woodland setting.

Images of Spirituality event includes presentations, reflections on biblical texts, music, small group discussions, activities, connecting with other women, contact with nature, and times for quiet reflection, prayer and worship. The weekend culminates in a participatory Eucharist, led by an ordained minister.

The gathering starts Friday evening and ends after lunch on Sunday. There is ample opportunity to walk in the woods or just relax and chat.

We respect each denomination and its particular traditions. Women may participate in the worship services in ways appropriate to their own beliefs and as their tradition allows. For Roman Catholic women, a Sunday evening mass is held in several parishes in Calgary.

Comments from past participants

“I appreciated the opportunities for input, for conversing with fellow spiritual pilgrims in small groups and large corporate worship.”

“A prayerful, joyful, faith-filled time.”

“To see the Christian commitment of other women is very affirming in my own journey.”

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