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Cultivating a Garden of Contentment:
“I have everything that I need - the secret of being content.”


In a world that is constantly seeding discontent so that we will consume more and more products, how might we learn with Paul what it means to truly be content with all that God provides and in all circumstances, without becoming complacent to the injustice around us.

During the weekend we offer opportunities to worship, sing, craft, walk, have conversations and ground ourselves in creation and the importance of justice and peace in our world. Together we’ll learn through teaching and small group discussions what it means to be truly content.


The Rev. Faye Reynolds

Rev. Faye Reynolds is a retired pastor having served within the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada since 1986. She has worked in church worship ministries, women’s ministries and a variety of roles with the Executive Staff of the CBWC and is currently the Refugee Coordinator. She lives in Lethbridge with her husband, Stephen - also a retired pastor and their 2 adult daughters. Faye has written many Bible studies for Canadian Baptist Women including a series of 16 women of the Bible called, The Great Canadian Bible Study. She currently writes a monthly reflection received by about 250 women. Her favourite things are walking, reading, painting, playing guitar and time spent with the people she loves..


Worship Leader
The Rev. Betty Piwowar

Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Betty has been an Anglican priest since 2001. She currently serves as the Diocesan Chaplain to the Anglican Church Women (ACW) and is the Honorary Assistant at St. Martin’s Anglican Church in Calgary as well as supply clergy for the Diocese throughout Southern Alberta.
Her first career was in education. After teaching for 24 years, Betty was a lay chaplain at Foothills Hospital for four years before attending seminary in Saskatoon.
Betty is no stranger to ecumenism, having studied in a tri-facility seminary encompassing the Anglican, Lutheran and United traditions and serving in multi-denominational parishes throughout her career.
In her spare time Betty reads, gardens, travels and walks. She is blessed with three daughters, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Images of Images 2021 (a few pictures of the craft)

April 5th, - April 7th, 2024
Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

Entheos Retreat Centre,
242032 Range Road 40,
Calgary, Alberta,
T3Z 2W8


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